What is Bloom U? How did it start? Where is it going?

Dr. Katie Schafer DO

Being a pediatrician for 15 years, I have seen the world change drastically for my patients and their parents.  And in that same time, I have changed as pediatrician.  I am ready now to look outside the exam room walls and give back to our patients in ways we can’t during the visits where we talk about their physical health. 

Over the past five years, Bloom U has evolved from a concept brewing in my mind, influenced by numerous conversations with children and their parents. Throughout most of that period, it resided as sketches and ideas on a crumpled, oversized Post-it Note tucked away behind my desk. Finally, it emerges into existence.


Knowing that patients’ mental and emotional health is just as important as their physical health, I knew I needed to find a new way to reach my patients—and the community. 

I write this note today after our second class “Dealing with Unfriendly Friends & Classmates.”  I sat in the back and listened in awe as I knew how much our kids needed the opportunity to talk about this and learn the tools for navigating these situations. Tools and conversations I’m certain they aren’t finding on YouTube.

And all this after two straight days of rain here in Metro Detroit…a beautiful, sunny day to run and play, and dedicated parents came and brought their kids to do something constructive off a screen and even off a field.  Parents took time to dedicate to their child’s emotional well-being, learning how to work with others and learning skills that will serve them well into their adult lives.

I am grateful to parents for taking the time to do this, and I look forward to adding this dimension to our pediatric practice and the community. 

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